A place to explore and express the student’s creativity and curiosity has been set up on the premises known as STEM Land. STEM refers to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The main theme of imparting STEM concepts is to introduce the 21st century to the students: 21st Century Skills such as Critical Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Collaboration, Communication and the new literacy called Coding aka computer programming. Students are introduced to computer programming concepts through the software SCRATCH. Using Scratch, students will learn the foundations of computer programming and start creating their own animations, games, interactive stories, etc.

Various hands-on projects in line with the curriculum are being designed and developed by the students in STEM Land. These activities boost their interest in learning new things. Knowledge on open source prototyping platforms like Arduino are introduced to the students. They are encouraged to create devices and projects using the open platforms to address the pressing problems of Mother Earth. STEM Land is a destination for a student’s search for knowledge and wisdom.