The Dual System of Training is an “Earn and Learn“ scheme, which enables youth from financially distressed families to finance their skill training at AIAT and attain industrial work experience. 

The aspired Dual System of Training incorporates both an in-plant training where students are exposed to real life working experience in companies and an in-school training in which academic and basic practical aspects of the respective vocation are covered.

This scheme has significant advantages over conventional classroom training especially in the eengineering field in India. It fosters close collaboration with industry, constitutes the training of the student as a joint responsibility and thus amalgamates the priorities, strengths and educational resources of the school, the industry and the government. As a result, a lasting improvement of the quality of training, scope and general reputation of the vocational training is anticipated. Moreover, the training will become demand rather than supply driven.

Under the DST concept as implemented at AIAT trainees undergo a 7-8 month training at the Institute and a 4-5 month training at an industrial site of a partner company. The training is conducted in blocks of 3 and 2 months alternately. During the training period at an industrial site, trainees receive a stipend, depending on the company’s policies.

The courses under Dual System of Training begin in July.

At present, AIAT offers DST courses in Electronic Mechanic, Fitter, and Welding, Information and Communication Technology System Maintenance, in collaboration with 9 partner companies in Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu and Auroville. For that, AIAT has signed MOU’s for the benefit of 160 students under the Dual System of Training with the following enterprises:

  1. Appasamy Associates, Pondicherry – Fitter and Electronic Mechanic
  2. Aureka, Auroville – Fitter
  3. Grace Infrastructure, Pondicherry – Fitter
  4. GT-Electronics, TC Koot Road – Electronic Mechanic
  5. Le Bracs, Pondicherry - Fitter, Electronic and Welder
  6. Lenovo Pondicherry - Electronic Mechanic and Information and Communication Technology System Maintenance
  7. Manatec, Pondicherry – Fitter, Electronic Mechanic, Welder
  8. MetalScope, Pondicherry - Fitter, Welder and Electronic Mechanic
  9. Sunlit Future, Auroville – Electronic Mechanic
  10. St Computers, Pondicherry - ICTSM
  11. IT Trade Association (ITTA), Pondicherry - ICTSM