The current education system in India is examination-centric. This leads to unemployable academic students who in many cases have certificates, but no knowledge and skills. 

The trainees joining ITI are in general weak in academic learning, many of them have only just passed. They are also weak in mathematics, English and communication. But they are good in learning by doing. They have little self-confidence and may not be able to concentrate for long on a particular topic. They are unlearned in social behavior, poorly motivated and are less disciplined. 

The AIAT pedagogic and educational concept addresses these issues by introducing ‘project based learning’. Extra-curriculur activities with focus on social behaviour, environmental awareness, self-confidence, setting of goals, discipline and values are the driving force in our social behaviour, students centric teaching and in the ‘Dual System of Training’. 

Experienced German teachers sent by the Senior Expert Service of Germany continuously train our teachers in modern pedagogy, organization of lessons and projects, planning onsite training, controlling and motivation of youth and social behaviour.

With these learning paths, AIAT aims to educate youth in independent working and problem solving. Creativity, social competence, tolerance and openness, self-confidence and self-reflection as well as self-responsibility are qualities that we promote.