“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime” - Laozi

Our high quality skill education has enabled hundreds of youth a better livelihood and the opportunity to live in dignity. 

The CEO of Le Bracs, Shri Nanda Kumar said that our students are multi-skilled, knowledgeable, disciplined, and more interested to learn than trainees from other institutions. Similar feedback we have received from Grace, Lenovo and other companies.

  • You, too, can be part of our mission by supporting us to maintain and develop our infrastructure for its unique skill training approach (student centric learning, project based learning, personality building) or by subsidizing the running cost or becoming a partner under the Dual System of Training.
  • Your donation to AIAT directly benefits the beneficiaries. We – the management of AIAT – are volunteering. Only 3-5% of your donation is spent for the purpose of administration.
  • AIAT is a unit of the Auroville Foundation. Your donation to AIAT is tax deductible.
How to Donate
  • Support a student with a stipend (Rs. 2400/month or $35 or €30 per month). 
  • Any amount to cover the running costs (salary, material maintenance, power supply, communication, replacement of damaged or lost items and to meet new requirements of the  government ).

Important: please mention always in your remittance to AIAT:  AIAT Scholarship” or “Donation for AIAT so that your money actually reaches its intended purpose. 

Important to specify: your name and address on the transfer, 

so that we can send the donation receipt. 

Please inform us via E-Mail so that we can follow your remittance; principal.aiat@aurovill.org.in

Bank accounts

1) Foreign Inward Remittance

Bank Name: State Bank of India    
Branch Code: 03160    
A/C Holder: Auroville Unity Fund Foreign  
A/C Number: 10237876508   
Beneficiary: Auroville Unity Fund
Purpose: Auroville Institute of Applied Technology (specify)

Auroville International Township Branch, Main Road Auroville, Kuilapalayam-PO, Auroville 605101, Tamil Nadu, India 
Ph. 0413 2622137

Email: avunityfund@auroville.org.in and principal.aiat@auroville.org.in


2) Indian  Inward Remittance

IFSC Code: SBI0003160
MICR Code: 605002007
A/C with:   State Bank of India, Auroville International Township
Branch Kuilapayalam, Auroville 605101 T.N
A/C Holder: Auroville Unity Fund Main
A/C Number: 31612623238
Purpose: Auroville Institute of Applied Technology 


3) If you donate from Germany

Please state "AIAT-stipend" or "Donation for AIAT" as the intended purpose so that we can receive your money. 

Please state your name and address on the bank transfer so that the donation receipt reaches you.

Bank details: Auroville International Deutschland e.V., Berlin. 

IBAN: DE16 4306 0967 8019 3892 00; BIC GENODEM1GLS